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Solo Exhibition

2022   "Child in the snow, cups in the air", Indy gallery, Tel Aviv.

2017  "17 Syllables, 3 Phrases, say beauty, say hi", Morel Derfler Gallery,

            Wizo Academy of Design,Haifa

2015  "Cracks", ICC, Jerusalem


2014  "The spectator's view", Artists house, Tel Aviv


2013  "Apparently",  Photography Gallery, Hadassah College, Jerusalem


2012  "Cracks", LibArts, London



Group Exhibitions

2021   Local Testimony, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv

2019  "Fantasy", Photo Is:rael ,The 7th International photography festival, Tel-Aviv

2017  "Slipped my mind", Benjamin Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2016  "Vacuum", International photography festival, Tel Aviv


2013  "What is yet to Come", Benjamin Gallery, Tel-Aviv


2013  "Farewell from Walls", Indy Gallery, Tel -Aviv


2012  "The Long Day", Indy Gallery, Tel-Aviv




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